It’s just an attraction.

Hey bloggers!!!!!!

Well, I’m back so today let’s talk about how my feeling were wrong about someone.

I met her last year and I thought there’s a connection between us but, things change…….

Sooo here my story begins well, I met her last year, last summer and my life changed. I’ve read somewhere that sometimes people come to change our life.

Well, she was in my class and after school she disappeared. And one day I was checking my inbox and someone texted me and wished me good luck for my college exams. That was her. She texted me after 2 year and here my misunderstanding began. Well, I liked her a lot in my school days and I was getting attracted towards her. Just a message of good luck and things began…. We started talking, chatting and maybe we were thinking about each other. In this whole year maybe we shared each everything with each other. But, there’s a difference between love and attraction. Maybe I was attracted to her or maybe not? Well, I am still confused but I have realized that there was no love, no feeling just a sort of attraction between two humans that’s it…..

Well, humans must know the difference between love and attraction. Sometimes it’s love and sometimes it’s only attraction. There’s a moment in everyone’s life when we realize what we love and what we want. Just wait for that particular moment.

Thank you so much everyone for listening my story. Make sure you don’t fall for attraction. Show me your love in the comment section.


Move on – A new chapter

Hey bloggers!!!

Thank you so much for all your love for my last post and today I am back with a new chapter.

Moving on is a further things, lets talk about relationship.

Time when you start liking someone, you spend time together and you don’t want anything. ‘Love’ a feeling and this can change our life. People start dancing, singing, day dreaming in love. Maybe love has no boundaries because you cross all your limits. Love is a change and at the end your life gets changed forever because, you get addicted to person and sometimes this hurts the most.

Well, continuing with moving on here’s a story and new chapter…..

A relationship of 2 years. A boy and a girl with some love. Well, this all started with an eye contact. They were looking at each other and suddenly they smile and they glanced over and left. The boy never thought he would be able to see the girl again but, things changed.

Boy met the girl once again and this time he waved his hand and said hiii the girl answered and here the story begins…….

2 years of love, fights, happiness, sadness and togetherness.

But again things changed and they are not together. The boy and the girl never tried but, they felt empty without each other. It felt like a piece of heart is missing and you can’t do anything. They both had a hope that one day, they both will be together once again but it never happened.

Suddenly they moved but the boy still thinks about the girl and maybe the girl feels in the same way but, they never tried. Months passed and they never tried to call, they use to check the last seen and profile pic. The only thought at the end of the day was about each other.

It is said that it takes 21 days to forget someone but sometimes things never change, you can’t forget a someone and all you have are the memories of the places, things and the time you spend with each other….

Maybe the boy should have called? or the girl but, the never tried

And they moved on……

Maybe one day they will meet again maybe?

The things is we humans live in a shell of our own ego and at the end, we end up loosing people.

You don’t make the same mistake just go and give a call to your partner and tell them how much you love them that’s it because love is the thing we take with us when we die.

Move on

Hey bloggers! Well, I am back and let’s talk about moving on from a phase, from a person to something new. Moving on is nothing but stepping forward to the next chapter of life.

My life was like a normal teenage in college but, things changed and I met…..

She was my class friend and I met her after 2 years last summer. Those bold and expressive eyes, the way she talks and tackles every situation. I felt something deep in my heart. It was just a feeling, a thought, maybe love but something. We used to talk a lot on social media, calls and everything. It felt like she is the one, the perfect one. Things were amazing and there was always a smile on face. But, now I don’t feel anything for her. Maybe things changed and I changed myself. I knew at the first time that She was never mine but, things happen and you like it. You know things don’t work and there’s in the story but, you continue to live in the same situation telling your heart that everything is okay but, it’s not and when you move on, when things change it’s hurts, it’s hurts a lot but, things are not in your control and live with a regret in your heart.

The reason I moved on was I felt that there’s nothing between both of us and I was just thinking that things will start working and maybe…..

‘Maybe’ well, this word gives you a lots of hope and you start living with this hope. This hope is a imaginary world and you start living in it and things never change till you move on….

Well, that’s it bloggers I have something for you all and this is from the song understand by Shawn Mendes.

When you wake up, your whole world is flipped
Is just different, and you gotta, you know, you gotta
You gotta go with it and
That’s just simply growing up
And now I see it in a negative way
You have to see it as it has been giving to you
I mean, as much as time it’s gonna be crazy
You’re gonna feel like that’s where we’re supposed to be
You’re not gonna feel out of place anymore
You’re gonna feel that’s where you’re meant to be
You don’t have to pretend that it’s easy all the time
You just let it go and
And grow with it, and you can’t hold on
To the old you, or the old this or the old that
Because, you know, you change
And it’s not changing in a bad way
It’s just changing because that’s what happens in life
You grow up, everyone moves on
You’re just learning
You stay true to yourself
Changing isn’t a bad thing and it never was
But at the end of the day you know, you’re the same person
And, and where your heart is, that doesn’t change.

I heard this song and this paragraph is amazing with some deep meaning related to each one of us.

Well, thank you so much and give a amazing response in the comment section.

Zindagi aur pyaaaar

Heyyy bloggers, I am back and well, I was thinking what should I post today and if you don’t know Zindagi aur pyaaaar means life and love. Our life is surrounded by Family, friends, partner and alots of people. Our life is all about love, love of a mother, love between husband and wife, love for our job. Well, people give different definitions for love and I am not here to discuss it’s meaning but, today I am here for you all just sit and think for a second, who is the love of your life. What is your definition of love? It’s can be your job, your boyfriend, your family, your friends anything.

We are humans and at the end we can’t imagine a day without our loveones. Life will be worthless without love. Love gives us happiness, joy, sadness and every emotion in our life. In this world full of people and people with temporary faces find someone who will be your definition of love.

At the end of the day alots of love from your kabeer. Just go and tell your loveones how much you love them.

Well, yesterday I got the news about the attack in New Zealand and the only thing I wanna say is spread love. Our war is against terrorism not against a particular religion just go and spread love.

Thank you so much for reading my stuff. Hope you all like it and tell me your definition of love in comment box

My Life in India

Heyyy bloggers. How’s everyone? Well, from last three days I was thinking to write something so here I am. So I hope that you all know me very well but, still I am from the country know as INDIA and we Indians are always busy in celebrations and festival. Basically I like to write on stuff like love, relationships and feelings but today I thought that I would like to write on my life in India. Well, from past few days we Indian are engaged in an undeclared war against a country. I would not like to specify the country’s name as we Indians don’t have any problem with the country as we Indians are against terrorism that’s it.

But at the end we Indians are very good at forgetting past and moving on and yesterday we celebrated Shivratri and it was huge.

I still don’t know why I am writing this but, maybe this is for addressing my Indian bloggers. Maybe I should continue writing on feelings and relationship maybe…….

Well, as always things are normal and boring in my life. I hope you all enjoy my writing. I don’t know maybe I can’t write on serious topics like everyone.

At the end thank you everyone for reading blogs and please give me a response in the comment box if u all like my blogs.

I saw my friend crying

Hey guys I am back and it’s been a very long time as I haven’t posted anything so today let’s talk about ‘crying’. Well, like always my life is normal and boring but today I saw my friend crying…..

Talking about my friend she is a sweet, crazy girl but today she started crying. When I asked her about this she was tensed with her relationship. Relationship is not my cup of tea but at the end posting this stuff is like asking everyone that do we cry when we’re love. What I think is some people feel emotions running in their mind while they are in a relationship. For me relationships and love will always be complicated. But as the girl was my best friend I felt really bad when she was crying and the question for today, Is it okay if the person u love is crying and you are the reason behind all the crying?

Well, what will you do if you see your friend crying in front of you for such reasons. Thank you so much for reading my stuff and correct me if I’m wrong.

Give me your response in the comment box.

One call away

Soo let’s start with this amazing song by Charlie puth “One Call Away”

20th November 2018 well, today in the morning I don’t know why but this song was in my head and I thought we can talk about this song😅.

As I am writing after a long time Hiiii friends I am bacckkkkkk.

“One Call Away” well, in this world full of people everyone is busy in their routine and we don’t know what’s happening in our life but, sometimes we think of some one special deep down in our heart. Well, I must tell you all that heart is a very sentimental thing and because of this we are always confused about our life and the people.

But, the only reason I am writing this is because tell that special person in your life, the person you like that you will always be there for them.


At the end, in this world full of people we are busy in our phones and find the one but, you never knowwwww. Well, I will end this with the lyrics and hope you all my writing stuff. Send me your opinions and love in comment box.
I’m only one call away
I’ll be there to save the day
Superman got nothing on me
I’m only one call away