Everyday you wake up in the morning with a hope for a better day and in search of life.

I am back to share my life with you all and today lets talk about some human feelings. Well, in my last blog, I wrote something about our feelings I hope you all like it, but today let’s talk about what a humans feel these days.

So from a school going child to a 60 years old man living the end days of life. We all think and we all feel something deep in our heart. I know the feelings are different but we all feel. A school child thinks if the teacher is going to check his homework and the old man thinks about his life, old days and the mistakes of his life.

This was about two age groups, so let’s talk about ‘ College ‘.

‘College life’ we all love our college days. Time with friends, food and not attending the lectures in search for girl and boys. A boy feeling something for a girl and girl feels the same for the boy but, no words to say when they meet each other and don’t know how to express the feelings.

So at the end, In this world full of people we spend our life in search and one day we meet someone and everything changes in our life.

I hope you all like this. Tell something about your life in the comment box.

Thank you so much.


I don’t know why?

I don’t know why? As I have mentioned in my last blog, I am a student trying to fit in this world and I see everything in a different way. I am having a family, friends and every basic things which we need in our day to day life but still I feel like something is incomplete. Attending college, class and after hanging out on weekends I feel like I love my life but I never asked for this life.

I think that I have lost the path of life and right now I am switching to a new lane of my life and searching for some real things after seeing all fake people, emotions. I like to spend some time alone, watching the night sky and thinking about my life. And I always think I didn’t ask for this life, I want my life to be adventurous and thrilled like movies.

Basically now I am done with all this shit around me and now I am finding a motive for my life. I don’t want money but what I want is to travel the world, going through each and every street, seeing new people and living the life I wished for.

At the end of the, Everyday in our life is like a new chapter. You never know what’s gonna happen next and my friend this is what we call “Life”

Answer me in the Comments section “Why r u living this life.

Thank you so much,

Understand my feelings

“Feelings” blessing or a curse??

What if we humans didn’t have feelings? Life would be so great. Well, while creating the world god gaved feelings to only human beings and now a days we’re messed up with our own feelings.

You must be thinking why I am Soo sad? Well, I am not sad but today I was thinking, how hard it is to know someone’s feelings for you? Expressing our love, anger sadness and happiness is difficult.

I always think, what if we could read someone’s mind and know how they feel so at the end we can make things clear for everyone.

In this world full of people, everyday I feel things around me but there’s no one to understand me. The time when I am alone asking questions to the ceiling, thinking of someone and feeling something deep in my heart but I can’t, but I don’t know how to express my feelings to someone.

I wish if someone is there thinking of me, thinking for me and who can understand my heart and understand that the things I say are not only words, but my love, my feelings and at the end it’s me.

Tell me how you feel and reply me if feelings are blessing or curse.

I hope u like what I think and feel love for everyone deep down in your heart.

Thank you so much.

I don’t know

I am back, and this time I am confused. So after a long week, I am excited for the weekend but today let’s talk about my confusion and the things I don’t know.

So as I have mentioned in my writing earlier, I am a student trying to fit in this world and finding a better future. Basically I have a family, some friends and day to day problems which everyone is facing and at the end of the day I love my life but, still when I am alone, I feel like something is missing in my life and I wish I could know that and I hope you feel the same like me.

I always say this to God, that you gave a me a strong personality but you gave me a heart with feelings and I don’t know how to control my feelings and everytime I close my eyes while sleeping, these feelings remind me that something is missing in my life.

So after spending time in college, with my friends and after loving my life something is always missing and I don’t know and I am confused.

I know you must be thinking that this feelings are normal and I know, but the reason I am writing this today is because I want to share my feeling with everyone. This feeling is like when u complete a puzzle but one piece is missing and u search it in every corner of the house.

At the end of the day we all are busy in our lifes and smartphones searching one piece to complete the puzzle of our life and we’ll never find it. If u get the last piece tell meπŸ˜….

Thank you for all your love and reading my blog.

Hope u all like this and I will be waiting for your comments and tell me, what are you searching in you life.?

Everyday is a new story…..

So I am back and it’s been a hell of a day. It’s 1 am and today let’s talk about new days and new challenges in our life.

“Life” basically you must be thinking that I use this word a lot in my writing and the truth is this word means everything. Yeah so we’re talking about new day and new challenges. So here we go, as we all are humans we don’t know what’s gonna happen in our life in the next second and this is a great challenge for all of us. Actually we don’t even know what’s gonna happen with us next. Anything can happen a alien attack, end of the world and lots more. Well this things happen only in Hollywood movies and only in America πŸ˜… and President Trump must be happy with thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

From the life of a teenager going to school to the life of a old man working hard for his family, we all feel the adventure, tension, happiness, curiosity each and every second.

And after all the problems and tension we love our life and we pray for the better future and believe life useless if there is no challenge but we must step up and face challenge each and everyday like president TrumpπŸ˜….

Now I have to stop Mr, President will not like this but I hope you like this.

Thank you so much.

Tell me how you face your life challenges.


‘Hope’ basically this word means a lot in our life. Everyday we wake up in the morning with a new hope. A hope of good day, hope of earning, hope of living, hope of loving and being loved by someone and at the end hope of the better future.

So today I will not tell you the actual meaning or definition of hope but the human hope on daily basis.

So here we gooo think for a second that there is no such word ‘hope’ , and you are living your life well, is it possible for you to live a life without hope. Well, hope is everything in our life. Hope is power given to a cancer patient that one day he or she is going to be cancer free and will be able to enjoy the life with there family, hope of finding true love, hoping that no matter how bad the day was but tomorrow is my day.

But basically we are human and I love saying this because we are fools, god gave us a brain but he gave us a curse called as heart. Human heart never stops hoping and sometimes we generate hope for someone or something without even thinking and when it comes of our heart, our brain stops working and useless hopes are generated….

I hope you all like this.

See Again I am hoping πŸ˜…

Thank you so much and hope……..