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I am back and well, I am from INDIA and these days India is on the top of every news. The IND PAK conflict and the  downfall of India economy.

Well, today I’m here to talk about life not World crises or economy. Talking about life what i think is we humans are desparate for love and without love we can’t survive. Maybe we are addicted to this word or this acts like a drug in our life. We are searching for love all the time. But, love comes with a lot  of pain and suffering……

Love is a basic term in our life. We are surrounded with love 24/7 and it increases or decreases every day. There are some people who keep looking for love for lifetime but, still living  alone and lonely. What I personally think, there’s a timeline or period when a human meets his/her love of life and things change but, till that time we have to  wait, for the special moment or the special person. Online dating sites or social media never changes anything. Its all about time when the time is right things happen. But, love comes with a lot of pain and suffering. Love can give a you alot of happiness but, at the same time it comes with pain, heartbreak. Love can teach us a lesson of lifetime or achievement of lifetime.  Its up to us what love is in our life…..

Keep spreading love…

“A gentle reminder that you heart is a muscle and so should be  exercised regularly. Love often and love deeply.                                                                                                               – Beau Taplin.fdd9b7a9ede5ed224e7eb4498dd4394a

I swear I lived

Heyyyy bloggers I am back and as I have mentioned before I am from India. Well, in some sort I am proud of this. So talking about India and my life its  august and India is facing monsoon. If you are thinking that this time I am talking about India then you are wrong. Ahhhhhh well, I was just giving my regional update. Soooo the bold letter at the top ‘I SWEAR I LIVED’ talk about this……..

So its a rainy day and i am listning my music. Well, you must that I am a music guy and music gives me a power of positivity. So today my starts with this amazing song by ‘ONE REPUBLIC’ I swear I lived and I started thinking what is the defination of life and how can you live your life.

So what i think is human life is a blessing and we must try to live are life in the most amazing way. Look in our life everything is temporary. LOVE , LUST, MONEY, are just things which we choose in our life. Well, pain is also worthy cause when you feel the pain you know the value of happiness. Lets talk about a normal human life in a normal human family. Well, a person spend his life in education, job and family thats it. What do we do for ourself??? We spend the whole life to become a better person, a better human, a better dad, a better mom, a better son and   a lots. We spend our life in this characters thats it. but, what do we do for ourself.

What I want from you is just think for a second what do you like, the things you love and what do you want  from your life. Think fast and complete each and every wish you have so the moment you die, you last second you can say that I swear I lived……….

and here I end this with the amazing lyrics. Thank you and show me some love in the comment box.

I’d like to teach the world to sing
Hope when you take that jump
You don’t fear the fall
Hope when the water rises
You built a wall
Hope when the crowd screams out
They’re screaming your name
Hope if everybody runs
You choose to stay
Hope that you fall in love
And it hurts so bad (Yeah)
The only way you can know
You gave it all you had
And I hope that you don’t suffer
But take the pain
Hope when the moment comes,
You’ll say
I, I did it all
I, I did it all
I owned every second that this world could give
I saw so many places, the things that I did
Yeah with every broken bone
I swear I lived……..

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Cold hearted a term or a personality.

‘HUMAN’ well, this word explaims everything. We humans are the mixtuer of values, love, care, feelings and ego. So lets talk about our human nature…..

We humans get attracted to some people. Some people who look different, who talk different, special personality or appearance and then we make our efforts to get close to that particular human. Sometimes this gesture works and sometimes it doesn’t work.

So my question in today’s blog is have you ever felt that you are turning into a cold hearted or you don’t feel the same……

Well, there was someone in  my life I was very close and I felt that i was the only one who’s taking a lots of effort. And now i think that i am a coldhearted person and don’t want anyone in my life anymore or I can’t trust anymore.

Tell, have youu ever felt a thing in such a way…..

thank you and i’ll be waiting for your comments………

we are the one behind all this shit…….

Heyyyyyyy bloggers I am back.

Well, our life is all about twist and turns…..  The world is at the edge of the WW3 as the tension between America and Iran is rising and at the same time ebola is again making a huge impact in the African continent. We live in a world where things are getting worst for humans. Global  Warming a problem rising but, we humans are not ready to accept this cause we know we are the biggest reason behind this problem. I am not saying that I am a expert or I know everything but at this very moment we must understand that if we don’t take action these problems will keep on rising.

Least week beacuse of the high tides in mumbai the sea gave us our belonging as all the garbage from the sea was thrown back with the tides back to the cost and its called ‘The Necklace Of Garbage’.


what i am trying to say is accept the things and accept the mistake we make as a human thats it period.

Things you say…….

Hey bloggers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back

Well, yesterday I heard am amazing song “things you say” by a band called “magic” and I though let’s write something…. So here I am.

Well, we live in a world where we’re surrounded by people each and every second. We talk, we chat and we do a lots of things everyday and these things make a impact on our day to day life. Coming to my point and the title “things you say..” Well, the things we say makes a deep impact on our life. Its always good to hear “I love you” ,”thank you”. What I have learnt is hearing something from our lovers, family, friends and colleagues can make our day amazing or better. Well, Have you noticed??? Some couples they make a phone call every morning so that there day starts well by hearing the voice of each other.

Sometimes the things we say can hurt someone, maybe we’re not in the intention to hurt them but things happen. Well, our mouth never keeps itself shut and we say a lot’s of things. Sometimes it hurts someone and sometimes it makes them feel good.

What I want to say is think before you speak. Words fallen from our mouth can change our life or others life. The things we say can motivate, hurt, break or makes someone love us more. Its all about the things we say.

So let’s just go outside in this beautiful world and tell people how much you love them, appreciate there work and there choices but, remember that you make every word count.

And don’t forget to hear the song “things you say” by “magic”

Thank you for reading my stuff. Give me a reply in the comments sections and tell me about my next title.

It’s just an attraction.

Hey bloggers!!!!!!

Well, I’m back so today let’s talk about how my feeling were wrong about someone.

I met her last year and I thought there’s a connection between us but, things change…….

Sooo here my story begins well, I met her last year, last summer and my life changed. I’ve read somewhere that sometimes people come to change our life.

Well, she was in my class and after school she disappeared. And one day I was checking my inbox and someone texted me and wished me good luck for my college exams. That was her. She texted me after 2 year and here my misunderstanding began. Well, I liked her a lot in my school days and I was getting attracted towards her. Just a message of good luck and things began…. We started talking, chatting and maybe we were thinking about each other. In this whole year maybe we shared each everything with each other. But, there’s a difference between love and attraction. Maybe I was attracted to her or maybe not? Well, I am still confused but I have realized that there was no love, no feeling just a sort of attraction between two humans that’s it…..

Well, humans must know the difference between love and attraction. Sometimes it’s love and sometimes it’s only attraction. There’s a moment in everyone’s life when we realize what we love and what we want. Just wait for that particular moment.

Thank you so much everyone for listening my story. Make sure you don’t fall for attraction. Show me your love in the comment section.

Move on – A new chapter

Hey bloggers!!!

Thank you so much for all your love for my last post and today I am back with a new chapter.

Moving on is a further things, lets talk about relationship.

Time when you start liking someone, you spend time together and you don’t want anything. ‘Love’ a feeling and this can change our life. People start dancing, singing, day dreaming in love. Maybe love has no boundaries because you cross all your limits. Love is a change and at the end your life gets changed forever because, you get addicted to person and sometimes this hurts the most.

Well, continuing with moving on here’s a story and new chapter…..

A relationship of 2 years. A boy and a girl with some love. Well, this all started with an eye contact. They were looking at each other and suddenly they smile and they glanced over and left. The boy never thought he would be able to see the girl again but, things changed.

Boy met the girl once again and this time he waved his hand and said hiii the girl answered and here the story begins…….

2 years of love, fights, happiness, sadness and togetherness.

But again things changed and they are not together. The boy and the girl never tried but, they felt empty without each other. It felt like a piece of heart is missing and you can’t do anything. They both had a hope that one day, they both will be together once again but it never happened.

Suddenly they moved but the boy still thinks about the girl and maybe the girl feels in the same way but, they never tried. Months passed and they never tried to call, they use to check the last seen and profile pic. The only thought at the end of the day was about each other.

It is said that it takes 21 days to forget someone but sometimes things never change, you can’t forget a someone and all you have are the memories of the places, things and the time you spend with each other….

Maybe the boy should have called? or the girl but, the never tried

And they moved on……

Maybe one day they will meet again maybe?

The things is we humans live in a shell of our own ego and at the end, we end up loosing people.

You don’t make the same mistake just go and give a call to your partner and tell them how much you love them that’s it because love is the thing we take with us when we die.