I don’t know why?

I don’t know why? As I have mentioned in my last blog, I am a student trying to fit in this world and I see everything in a different way. I am having a family, friends and every basic things which we need in our day to day life but still I feel like something is incomplete. Attending college, class and after hanging out on weekends I feel like I love my life but I never asked for this life.

I think that I have lost the path of life and right now I am switching to a new lane of my life and searching for some real things after seeing all fake people, emotions. I like to spend some time alone, watching the night sky and thinking about my life. And I always think I didn’t ask for this life, I want my life to be adventurous and thrilled like movies.

Basically now I am done with all this shit around me and now I am finding a motive for my life. I don’t want money but what I want is to travel the world, going through each and every street, seeing new people and living the life I wished for.

At the end of the, Everyday in our life is like a new chapter. You never know what’s gonna happen next and my friend this is what we call “Life”

Answer me in the Comments section “Why r u living this life.

Thank you so much,


5 thoughts on “I don’t know why?

  1. Why am I living this life, so filled with strife, which cuts like a knife?
    It must be I am playing a part day to day in a way only I can play,
    While knowing I’m throwing in my cards with so many other bards
    Of reality, fighting banality and lightening flashes of some finality
    Against which I am powerless, save to be thankful for the tranquil
    And abundant happiness that comes sometimes in the adventure
    Of which splendor is an ever-present promise for such endurance

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